Mackenzie 2018: Questões de Inglês - Gabarito e Resolução

Mackenzie 2018: Questões de Inglês - Gabarito e Resolução

Questões de Inglês Prova da Manhã:

The following text refers to questions 12 to 14.

Four reasons why I won’t buy the iPhone X

The iPhone X fails to impress me in many ways. Although it’s the most impressive device Apple has built, it does have a number of flaws that are big enough to convince me to stay away from it and get a competing Android handset instead.

_______(I)_________, plenty of publications _______(II)_________ all the great features of Apple’s new flagship including its large bezel-less display, upgraded processor, and the addition of wireless charging. It’s extremely easy to get caught up in all the excitement, but if you take a step back and have an honest look at the new device, you’ll quickly realize that the iPhone X isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It definitely has its faults, which we’ll take a closer look at in this post. Here are four reasons why I won’t buy the iPhone X.

1. It doesn’t have the X factor
The iPhone X is packed with the latest technology. It has a dual-camera setup on the back, a bezel-less display, a powerful chipset, and also supports wireless charging. The problem is that these things aren’t really new, as they are already present on a number of Android smartphones.

The truth is that the new iPhone lacks the X factor, which is at least one unique feature that would make it stand out from the crowd. Just look at the Android world: the Galaxy S8 has the curved display, the Note 8 comes equipped with the S Pen, Motorola’s high-end handsets have Moto Mods and the Shatter Shield display, and the OnePlus 5 has Dash Charge. These features give the devices a competitive edge over their rivals and can really influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

2. It’s way too expensive
Samsung took the wraps off the Galaxy Note 8 last month that shocked the public with its high price tag of $929. However, starting at $999, the new iPhone almost makes the Note 8 look like a bargain.

It’s the most expensive iPhone to date and based on what it brings to the table compared to the competition, it’s kind of hard — almost impossible — to justify its high price. To have a better idea of just how expensive the iPhone X is, compare it with some of the other high-end smartphones on the market nowadays.

3. There’s no fingerprint scanner on board
Apple’s business strategy seems a bit weird. Instead of adding features to its devices, the company is actually removing them. After ditching the headphone jack last year, the tech giant is back with another bold move: the iPhone X doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner.

The security feature that has become standard on most high-end and mid-range smartphones is replaced by Face ID, which is Apple’s new face recognition technology. To unlock the iPhone, you have to lift it up to your face, make sure the camera is pointing at you, and then swipe up. Unlocking with a scan of the finger is much quicker and easier.

4. It doesn’t look sexy
Let’s face it, design is important — no one wants an ugly smartphone. While I wouldn’t call the iPhone X ugly, I also wouldn’t call it good-looking. The overall design of the device could be described as bland. It definitely doesn’t stand out from the crowd, and is, to be honest, a bit boring.

The first thing I have a problem with is the notch on the top that houses the camera, the proximity sensor, and so forth. I’d rather see a slightly larger bezel on top like on the Note 8 or V30, as it just looks a lot more stylish in my opinion. Aside from that, there really aren’t a lot of bad things to say about the front of the smartphone. I do like the screen-to-body ratio that makes the large device a lot more compact.

Questão 12
The correct time expression and verb tense used to complete the sentences in the text are

a) (I) In the last 24 hours; (II) were talking about
b) (I) 24 hours ago; (II) had been talking about
c) (I) In the past 24 hours ago; (II) have been talking about
d) (I) For the last 24 hours; (II) have been talking about
e) (I) In the recent 24 hours; (II) had been talking about


Questão 13
The text states that

a) Due to its dull and insipid look, the new iPhone can’t be considered a noticeable gadget.
b) Among the four reasons mentioned, reason number 3 is the most reliable.
c) Although there’s no fingerprint scanner in it, the iPhone X is deprived of the X factor, which makes it an appealing device to users.
d) The only problem with the current version of the iPhone is that its compact size does not make its screen so large.
e) The newest Samsung model has been offered for a really low price in the market nowadays, by far beating the iPhone price.


Questão 14
The expression “it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be” in the text has the same meaning as

a) parts of the problem are difficult or unpleasant.
b) it is not as good as people say it is.
c) the returns from an activity or enterprise do not warrant the time, money
or effort required.
d) it is visibly happy or cheerful (sometimes to hide inner turmoil).
e) it is a poor example of a certain thing.


The following text refers to questions 15 and 16.

Level of Public Investment in Brazil Is the Worst in the Last 10 Years

The public investment in Brazil reached the lowest level __(I)__ the last ten years, which has contributed to push down the G.D.P. (Gross Domestic Product) even more.

__(II)__ a strong effort to reduce expenditure and meet the fiscal target, the investments made by the federal government in the first seven months of this year have totaled R$ 16.3 billion (US$ 5 billion), nearly R$ 10 billion (US$ 3.1 billion) less in comparison __(III)__ the same period in 2016 and the lowest amount since 2008, when the series began to be recorded by the National Treasury.

This total includes public construction and the purchases of new facilities for government agencies, as well as materials for permanent use, such as computers.

Investments are natural candidates to be cut _ _(IV)_ _ _ times of adjustment, as more than 90% of public expenditure follows outlay rules and cannot be reduced without a change in legislation.

On the other hand, they are an important factor to stimulate the economy. Manoel Pires, an economist _(V)__ FGV and former secretary of Economic Policy of the Dilma Rousseff administration, says that cutting investment has a strong impact __(VI)__ the activity - much more than the decline in expenses related to civil service or subsidies.

“When subsidies are increased, the effect __(VII)___ the activity is marginal. In the cases of expenses related to public servants’ wages, it is between 0.6 and 0.7 [percent] of the G.D.P. For investments, that number reaches between 1.4 and 1.6 [percent].”

In other words, for every R$ 1 (US$ 0.3) spent __(VIII)__ the government with investment, the G.D.P. increases by R$ 1.60 (US$ 0.5). If there is as cut, it has an opposite effect.

Questão 15
The prepositions missing from the text above are respectively


Questão 16
The text states that

a) Public construction and the purchases of new facilities for government agencies are among the subsidies that have made public servants’ wages drop recently.
b) The G.D.P. has risen threefold since public expenditure started to be controlled.
c) In spite of the fact that investments are the first thing to be dealt with during a crisis, they are also responsible for the financial growth of a city.
d) The public investment in Brazil has never been lower in the history of the country’s financial situation.
e) The Economic Policy of the Dilma Rousseff administration has contributed a lot to the decline of the G.D.P. in Brazil, according to the National Treasury.


Questão 17

According to the e-card,

a) Should you forget both the present and the past, your life will change one day.
b) Had the present been forgotten, you would have more fun now.
c) You should have been given a present on your birthday.
d) You wish you had forgotten not only the past but also the present.
e) If you were to ignore the present, you would be feeling fine in the past.


Questão 18

After reading the e-card, we can conclude that

a) Coincidences do not exist.
b) The pronunciation of the two words mentioned is the same.
c) “Awesome” has something to do with the pronoun “me”.
d) The guy in the picture is really snobbish.
e) The opinion of the guy in the picture does not count for the truth.


Questões de Inglês Prova da Tarde:

The following text refers to questions 12 to 14.

Can too little sleep ruin four relationship?
Lack of shut-eye has long been linked to a range of serious health problems.
Now a study confirms that it can also be at the root of strife between couples.
Luisa Dillner - The Guardian
Monday 11 September 2017

Is your partner irritating? Have ou stopped having a laugh, and no longer care if they seem unhappy? Before you reach for a counsellor or lawyer, check how much sleep you are getting. While research has consistently linked lack of sleep with increased risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and premature death, it is now finding that it is also corrosive to relationships. Since more than a third of us get only six hours a night (less than the recommended seven to nine), we shouldn’t be surprised if our love lives are suffering.

The solution
A study of 43 couples by Ohio State University found that those who slept less than seven hours a night were more likely to argue in a hostile, negative way. However, even if just one partner had had enough sleep, the rows were more likely to be constructive and end with conciliation. The researchers invited the couples into a lab and videoed them arguing about known problems in their relationships (money, in-laws, communication). They also measured the levels of markers such as the proteins IL-6 and TNF-alpha. A rise in these can trigger inflammation in the body and encourage the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes. The study found that while lack of sleep alone did not raise the level of inflammatory markers, it did make for more toxic rows – and it was the stress of a nasty exchange that led to an increase in markers. Previous studies show that men are more likely to fight with their partners after one night of disturbed sleep, and that couples have more rows after two weeks of less than seven hours sleep.

The Ohio research took things further. “This is the first study to show the synergistic effects of short sleep and conflict for inflammation,” said lead author, Dr Stephanie J Wilson. Of course, instinctively we know that sleep deprivation makes us short-tempered and unable to concentrate, make decisions or empathise. A sense of humor, badly needed in any relationship, is the first casualty of sleep deprivation.

So while more sleep may not solve the world’s marital discord, it could lubricate many of our relationships. The study looked solely at heterosexual couples, but the findings are likely to apply more widely. Sleep affects the parts of the brain that solve problems. Without that ability, it is hard to have a “good” row, which requires active listening, good humour and self-disclosure. The study showed that good rows did not raise levels of inflammatory proteins, however little sleep people had. It is also no coincidence that the dive in relationship satisfaction in the first year after having a baby comes during a long stretch of sleep deprivation. It is hard enough to do anything on not much sleep.

Questão 12
The alternative containing only adjectives from the text is

a) Inflammatory – synergistic – corrosive – nasty – marital.
b) Enough – active – stress – negative – trigger.
c) Known – onset – hard – linked – solely.
d) Good - self-disclosure – casualty – further – disturbed.
e) Lead – likely – chronic – heterosexual – without.


Questão 13
The study held by the Ohio State University states that

a) When your partner is irritating you, a sense of humor is needed to be able to stand it.
b) Lack of sleep turns the couple into wild fighters; the outcome, however, might be different if at least one of them has had enough sleep.
c) The less sleep you have, the better are the chances you will make up with your partner.
d) Couples can’t do enough chores around the house when under not much sleep.
e) Being videoed discussing problems is meant to end with rows couple have in no time.


Questão 14
The word trigger in the text means

a) to cause or help to rise to a standing position.
b) to make smaller in amount, volume, or extent.
c) to cause to rise or increase abruptly and rapidly.
d) to cause something to leave an area or place.
e) to cause (something) to start or happen.


The following text refers to questions 15 and 16.

“The Little Things That Give You Away”
(written and performed by U2)

The night gave you song
A light had been turned on
You walked out in the world
Like you belong there

As easy as a breeze
Each heart was yours to please
Is it only me who sees
There’s something wrong there
Oh no la la, I’m not a ghost now
I can see you
You need to see me

It’s the little things that give you away
The words you ________(I)_________
Your big mouth ________(II)_________
It’s the little things that tease ________(III)_________
As the hunted I become ________(IV)_________
It’s the little things
The little things that give you away

I saw you on the stairs
You didn’t notice I was there
That’s ‘cause you were talking at me
Not to me

You were high above the storm
A hurricane being born
But this freedom
It might cost you your liberty

Questão 15
The phrasal verb GIVE AWAY is correctly used with the same meaning as in the song in

a) There are many radio and tv programs in Brazil on which prizes are given away.
b) The store is staging a promotional giveaway to attract new customers.
c) The insincerity of his apology was given away by that slight smirk on his face.
d) I didn’t like that book, so I gave it away.
e) Who gave away this woman to this man in Holy matrimony?


Questão 16
The most probable words used to complete the lines in the song are

a) (I) pray; (II) this way; (III) and stay; (IV) the day.
b) (I) have to stay; (II) away; (III) and delay; (IV) the rain.
c) (I) wanna change; (II) can say; (III) and play; (IV) the way.
d) (I) cannot say; (II) in the way; (III) and betray; (IV) the prey.
e) (I) can say; (II) will pray; (III) and spray; (IV) the dismay.


The following comic strip refers to questions 17 and 18.


Questão 17
The idiomatic expression “feel like a heel”, used in the comic strip, means

a) look or feel extremely good.
b) have a desire to do or to have something.
c) feel as healthy or happy as you usually are.
d) have an inclination or desire for something.
e) feel bad for something you have done to someone and you are sorry.


Questão 18
According to the strip

a) Garfield is not fond of spiders.
b) Garfield’s father is dead.
c) The father spider has just become a widow.
d) The spider family has survived Garfield.
e) Garfield fears spiders more than spiders fear him.