Questões de Inglês da IFPE 2018 com Gabarito

Questões de Inglês da IFPE 2018 com Gabarito
(Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Pernambuco)


Read TEXT 7 and answer questions 11 to 12 according to it.



1 Facebook has announced it will add a dating service to its growing list of new products.
2 The announcement came Tuesday at Facebook’s F8 conference in San Jose, California. The yearly event is for app developers and is a place for the company to show off its latest products and services.
4 Facebook has considered adding a dating app for years. But founder Mark Zuckerberg said he felt now is the right time to begin the service. He said that currently, 1 in 3 marriages in the United States starts with an internet relationship. About 200 million people on Facebook identify themselves as single.
7 Zuckerberg said the new service would be “coming soon.” He noted that the service will aim to help users build long-term relationships, “not just hookups”.
“And if we’re focused on helping people build meaningful relationships, then this is perhaps the most
meaningful of all”.
11 He added that the dating service will appear within the Facebook app, but users will have complete control over whether they want to use it. People can choose to enter a dating profile. But this will be separate from an individual’s main Facebook profile, and will not be seen by users’ friends.
14 Internet dating is very popular in the U.S. Facebook says its app will provide strong competition to
existing sites such as Match, Tinder, OkCupid, JDate and eHarmony. The value of stock in those companies dropped sharply after the announcement.
17 Zuckerberg said the dating app was designed with strong tools to protect the safety and privacy of
Facebook users. The announcement about the dating app comes as the company tries to ease public anger over its privacy policies.
LYNN, Bryan. Facebook adds dating app, launches oculus go. Voice of America English News. Available at: < go/4374924.html> Accessed: May 09th 2018 (adapted).

IFPE 2018: What’s the function of TEXT 7?

a) To interview Mark Zuckerberg.
b) To sell a new Facebook product.
c) To inform a new service performed by Facebook.
d) To discuss Facebook’s new product.
e) To present a brief history of Facebook.

IFPE 2018: Read the following statements about TEXT 7 and choose the CORRECT answer.

I. Through his new product, Zuckerberg intends to increase the low rate of marriages.
II. The Facebook dating app account and the main one are the same.
III.Online relationships are trendy in The USA.
IV.Most Facebook users are single.
V. It is already possible to see the impact of Facebook’s new product.

The CORRECT statements are only

a) III and V.
b) II, III and V.
c) I and II.
d) I and IV.
e) I, IV and V.

Read TEXT 8 and answer questions 13 and 14 according to it.


IFPE 2018: As a slang, the word “loser” usually refers to people who

a) are cooler.
b) use a treadmill.
c) often get lost.
d) are unable to succeed.
e) like to work out.

IFPE 2018: In TEXT 8, the statement SOMETIMES IT’S GOOD TO BE A LOSER IN LIFE plays with the word loser.

Considering this, what’s the purpose of TEXT 8?

a) To help people accept themselves.
b) To raise awareness against obesity.
c) To show the importance of keeping fat.
d) To call attention to the dangers of exercising.
e) To warn against health insurance loss.

Read TEXT 9 and answer question 15 according to it.


IFPE 2018: TEXT 9 suggests that

a) nobody would like to play peace with them.
b) toy factories haven’t made any peace game so far.
c) there aren’t enough game accessories to play peace.
d) playing peace is not as fun as playing war.
e) the amount of hostile acts overcomes peaceful examples.