UDESC 2019: The text says that


Text 1
I’m a Greenwich Villager and proud if it!

I live in Greenwich Village, New York, which is in the “downtown” (southern) part of Manhattan and includes Washington Square Park, New York University, and a maze of picturesque little streets. It’s my favorite part of town. So why do I like it so much? It’s an artistic and intellectual neighborhood with people playing chess in the park, artists selling paintings on the sidewalks, and students discussing life in coffee shops.

Life in “the Village” is never dull. There’s a surprise around every corner - maybe a brand new restaurant that wasn’t there last week, a snoring student sleeping like a log on a park bench, or a celebrity being pursued by paparazzi and fans. A sense of history pervades Greenwich Village. It was first inhabited by Native Americans, then Dutch settlers, and then the British, who in 1713 named it “Greenwich” after a town in England. The Village really was a small, rural village until the 1800s, when people escaping outbreaks of disease began moving there. Ever since, the Village has been a haven for artists, writers, poets, and musicians. Many famous people have lived in Greenwich Village, including the writer Jack Kerouac, the singer Bob Dylan, and the actress Uma Thurman.

The popular sitcom Friends was set there, and busloads of tourists looking for places mentioned in the show come here every weekend. The heart of the Village is an area of pretty, twisting streets west of Sixth Avenue, where there are endless theaters, used bookstores, coffee shops, trendy boutiques, and of course, restaurants. A large part of  the Village experience has to do with food. The Village is packed with food shops and restaurants from every region of the world. Mouth-watering aromas are everywhere fromfirst thing in the morning until late at night. The Village is a genuine 24/7 part of the town.

Washington Square Park is like a magnet for young people. They flock from every corner of the world to sit on the benches or beside the fountain, talking, playing musical instruments, and celebrating the freedom of friendship and youth. My mother, who grew up in New York City, used to say that Times Square is for tourists, but the Village is the real New York City.
(American Headway 4. John and Liz Soars. OUP 3rd edition.)

Answer the questions below according to Text 1.

UDESC 2019: The text says that:

A. ( ) Famous paparazzi and fans looking for artists and their houses is also a part of Greenwich Village daily routine.

B. ( ) From dawn to sunset the restaurants from Greenwich Village spread different flavours and scents on the streets atmosphere.

C. ( ) Greenwich Village was colonized by European countries such as Germany, England and wales.

D. ( ) Greenwich Village is different every single day with its personalities who live there, its diverse kinds of restaurants, its picturesque wide streets and its universities.

E. ( ) Greenwich Village is never boring with its hectic streets and life which includes lots of people around talking, selling paintings, tourists searching for famous sites, etc.

UDESC 2019: The underlined words are related respectively to

E. ( ) Greenwich Village is never boring with its hectic streets and life which includes lots of people around talking, selling paintings, tourists searching for famous sites, etc.

- UDESC 2019: Complete the sentences with the vocabulary extracted from the text, and then mark the correct alternative order from top to bottom.

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