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New York State to ban plastic bags — here's why
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N E W Y O R K S T A T E is on the verge of banning plastic shopping bags, becoming the second U.S. state, after California, to ban them outright. The ban, which is part of the state budget bill expected to pass Monday, would forbid retailers from providing shoppers with single-use bags. It would take effect next March.

Shopping bags are one of the most-banned items among single-use plastics and bag bans. So far, at least 127 nations have imposed bans or taxes on plastic bags, according to a United Nations tally through July 2018. Europe began phasing out plastic bags 15 years ago. This week, the European Parliament took steps to ban 10 items most commonly found on European beaches, including bags, by 2021.

Filmy shopping bags have been targeted because their lightweight nature makes them easily airborne. They can be found hanging from tree branches and clogging city drains. They are eaten by wildlife, including cattle and other large animals. In marine environments, sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, their favorite food. Fish eat them. A number of whales have also died as a result of eating plastic bags. That includes a whale found earlier this month in the Philippines with more than 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach.

Lightweight shopping bags also are difficult to recycle. Many municipal recycling plants won’t take them because they can clog equipment.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, an estimated 23 billion plastic bags are used by residents across the state annually. New York City alone uses more than 10 billion single-use plastic bags a year, accounting for 1,700 tons of residential garbage every week. The city pays an estimated $12.5 million a year trucking those bags to out-of-state landfills.

(FEI 2019) Assinale a alternativa correta, conforme dados do texto:

(A) o estado de Nova Iorque deixará de usar qualquer tipo de sacola plástica em 2021.

(B) a Europa começou a limitar o uso de sacolas plásticas em 2004.

(C) apenas na cidade de Nova Iorque são consumidos 23 bilhões de sacolas plásticas por ano.

(D) foram encontrados 88 quilogramas de plástico no estômago de uma baleia nas Filipinas.

(E) de acordo com a ONU, menos de 127 países já deixaram de usar sacos plásticos no mundo.

(FEI 2019) A expressão on the verge of (primeiro parágrafo) significa

(B) a Europa começou a limitar o uso de sacolas plásticas em 2004.

- (FEI 2019) Numa granja, constatou-se que galinhas de penas rajadas cruzadas entre si produziam 1/3 de galinhas de penas brancas e 2/3 de galinhas de penas rajadas.

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