(FEI 2019) A mola propulsora para o sucesso do conceito de co-living é, segundo o texto

To Cater To Millennial Renters, Offer Co-Living, Co-Working Spaces
Jeffrey Steele
Aug 20, 2018

Some believe Millennial renters don’t view their homes the way earlier generations did. Trend spotters say many consider their apartment their bedroom, the restaurant on the first floor their kitchen, the bar a block away their recreation room and the park a quarter mile distant their backyard. They are willing to sacrifice space in their individual units as long as these options are available, and their apartment buildings also offer appealing co-working and co-living spaces ideally designed for socialization.

To cater to that kind of renting philosophy, buildings in highly coveted rental markets are being redesigned, repositioned and rebranded with Millennials in mind.

“One of the driving forces behind an increased interest in co-living and using communal spaces is younger renters who move to a new city and are looking to meet people and connect,” commercial real estate investor Eli Verschleiser says. “To be able to live in the cities most attractive to them for culture, job opportunities and more, many Millennials will have to be willing to sacrifice in order to make an economical rental decision. For many, co-living is a matter of necessity as much as it is a personal preference.”

Communal feel

Another reason the trend continues growing is that many Millennial renters experience the communal feel of co-working spaces in their workplaces, Verschleiser says.

He notes the number of enterprise companies using WeWork's co-working spaces grew by 90% from June 2016 to June 2017. Startups and smaller companies have been the leading users of this kind of work environment.
Fonte: www.forbes.com

(FEI 2019) A mola propulsora para o sucesso do conceito de co-living é, segundo o texto:

(A) a instabilidade econômica do momento.
(B) a falta de oferta de moradia no mercado.
(C) a necessidade de conexão com outras pessoas.
(D) o respeito à individualidade dos jovens.
(E) a busca pela privacidade.

(FEI 2019) A expressão “as long as” na sentença “as long as these options are available” (linhas 5-6) pode ser traduzida por

(C) a necessidade de conexão com outras pessoas.

- (FEI 2019) Co-living e co-working têm em comum

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