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A woman with bouncy black hair and a nose piercing looks off camera in her store uniform. She mimes the words ‘How will you be paying today?’ As a text reply shows ‘Oh I’ll be using your store card’, she exhales, impressed, just as the background beat stops. Her name is Rilie Huntley, a 22-year-old sales supervisor in Minnesota, US. She’s one of many workers now freely sharing TikToks that document their regular lives at their regular jobs. She posted that seven-second video in December 2022; it now has 2.6 million views.

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Social media is filled with videos like Huntley’s. City workers take viewers through their morning commutes; flight attendants act out past interactions with passengers; fast-food employees rapidly make burgers on camera. It’s not the well-filtered, exclusive influencer content we’ve come to expect — yet people are watching. These videos aren’t just about the employees posting them, however; the companies for which they work are a major part, too. 

This kind of transparency about the personal details of a worker’s day might normally make employers worry — yet many firms are beginning to embrace it. Companies that do welcome these intimate workday peeks often find their employees’ social media presence can be a bigger benefit than a threat. And enabling creators to post content such as Huntley’s can ultimately serve as a highly strategic move for firms, say experts.

So, while some firms encourage these videos — whether actively or passively — many have also chosen to implement social media guidelines. This doesn’t mean asking employees to follow a certain script, but rather to give them the freedom to experiment without fear of repercussions. These guidelines may include “simple rules like ‘no sharing confidential information or customer information’, and ‘if it’s known who you work for, please be professional in your communication’”, experts say.

Ultimately, an increasing number of companies are opting to support employee content, rather than blocking it. 
Good progress comes when you lean in and engage with employees, rather than just seeking to put boundaries around them.
(Sophia Epstein., 31.03.2023. Adaptado.)

ALBERT EINSTEIN 2023: The second paragraph mentions

(A) some negative impacts of workers’ videos on the firms they work for.

(B) the poor image and content quality of employees’ amateur posts.

(C) employer-employee arrangements to promote companies.

(D) examples of corporate vulnerability provoked by workers’ posts.

(E) instances of real-life scenes shared in social platforms.

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(E) instances of real-life scenes shared in social platforms.



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