Mackenzie 2020: According to the article, choose the correct alternative

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How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo
Even in the best cases, traveling alone can get lonely. Here’s how to
connect safely with the people you meet along the way.
By Aric Jenkins
April 16, 2019

Experiencing another culture on your own terms, at your own pace, with a budget of your own choosing can be an incredibly rewarding and insightful adventure. But while some may find such a journey liberating, others might worry about safety or a period of solitude in a strange, unfamiliar place. Humans, after all, are social animals.

Prospective solo travelers should know that, despite its label, solo travel does not have to mean you’re alone all the time. There are local communities to safely interact with as well as fellow globe-trotters in a similar position.

A 2016 report from travel research company Phocuswright found that a whopping 72 percent of hostel guests in the United States were traveling alone. Airbnb saw similar a trend in its data, with cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Cologne, and Johannesburg experiencing more than a 130 percent increase in individual bookings in 2016.

With solo traveling growing in popularity, it’s clear there are options to socialize with other travelers — it’s just a matter of putting yourself in the right position to do so. Here are some tactics you can use to meet and befriend people abroad, from tried-and-true methods to innovative new apps and technology.

Go on ‘free’ walking tours
The word free is in quotations because, assuming your tour guide is at least half-decent, you should tip them at the end (many earn the majority of their income on commission). But these walking tours can be worth every penny. Not only will the guide give you an informed and hopefully entertaining view of the locale, but you’ll have a chance to interact with other tourists and possibly come away with a new friend.


Use Airbnb to go on unique experiences hosted by locals
Airbnb may be known more for its lodging arrangements, but it also wants to give you something to do at your destination. Airbnb Experiences connects travelers with local guides who lead guests on paid activities ranging from city tours to bar crawls and hobby and skill classes. Launched in late 2016, Experiences quickly became a popular feature.


Connect with like-minded explorers on social travel apps
Prefer to cut out the middleman and connect directly with other travelers? Try your hand at the crop of social networking apps specifically designed for travel. Travello, free on iOS and Android, allows you to discover other travelers nearby, match itineraries for planned trips and join groups based on similar interests. You can also create a feed by posting photos and updates.


Stay in hostels
In a world of hospitable hotels and authentic Airbnbs, why do travelers elect to stay in hostels? Two reasons, really: Hostels are cheap and sociable. You’ll find college-esque dormitories with common lounge rooms and kitchens, and sometimes a bar or cafe.

It’s an ideal environment to meet other travelers, and hostel staffs are well aware of this — some will lead city tours or pub crawls designed to foster interaction between hostel mates. Others might host game nights in the common room or arrange family dinners.

Adapted from the digital edition of The New York Times:

Mackenzie 2020: According to the article, choose the correct alternative:

a) Travelling alone is terrifying because it is a period of solitude in one unfamiliar place.

b) When people travel alone, they can experience exploring the culture on their own, with the money they have and in their own speed.

c) It is impossible to find people to socialize when you are a stranger in a different culture.

d) It is also dangerous to interact with people you do not know in another country.

e) A report found out that 72% of people travelling abroad travel alone.

Mackenzie 2020: Choose the alternative that best contains the idea of this sentence from the text

De acordo com o artigo, a alternativa correta afirma que quando as pessoas viajam sozinhas, elas podem explorar outra cultura por si sós, com o dinheiro que têm e na sua própria velocidade (no seu próprio ritmo).

b) When people travel alone, they can experience exploring the culture on their own, with the money they have and in their own speed.

- Mackenzie 2020: According to the article, choose the correct alternative.

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