Prova de Concurso para Professor (Inglês) com Gabarito

Prova de Concurso para Professor (Inglês) com Gabarito
Prova de Concurso para Professor (Inglês) com Gabarito
Prova de Concurso para Professor (Inglês) com Gabarito

Concurso: SEED-PR - 2020 - Edital nº 47
Órgão/Instituição: Secretaria de Estado da Educação do Paraná
Banca/Organizadora: Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisa em Avaliação e Seleção e de Promoção de Eventos
Cargo: Professor - Inglês
Escolaridade: Nível Superior

Text 3A1-I

Bill Watterson. Calvin and Hobbes. Internet: <>

CESPE 2021: In text 3A1-I, in the sentence “It got verbed”, the pronoun “It” refers to

A) “verbs”.
B) ‘access’.
C) “thing”.
D) “something”.
E) “use”.

CESPE 2021: In text 3A1-I, following the process which he himself describes, Calvin transforms an adjective into the following verb form:

A) “verbing”.
B) “got”.
C) “complete”.
D) “weirds”.
E) “understanding”.

CESPE 2021: In the last box of the comic strip (text 3A1-I), the word “eventually” in “Maybe we can eventually make language a complete impediment to understanding” can be correctly replaced with

A) occasionally.
B) finally.
C) timely.
D) at times.
E) actually.

Text 3A1-II

There is ample evidence that reading not only strengthens second language vocabulary, but also expands it as readers meet words, or the same word, in different contexts. After all, that is the way lexical vocabulary is acquired in real life, through hearing it in our first languages.

Apart from learning vocabulary, learners also learn new structures, which can form a strong scaffolding both for learning other new structures and introducing grammatical items to a class.

In listening to each other read, discuss points in groups, debate, or answer and their rationale, second language learners will sharpen both listening and speaking skills.

There is no magic bullet, no single explanation for what teachers can do to ensure that their students learn to read a second or foreign language. Practice and plenty of it may be the only way out.
J. Kembo. Using short texts to teach English as second language. Rongo University, Kenya. Universal
Journal of Educational Research 4(12): 2735-2743, 2016 (adapted).

CESPE 2021: The main idea expressed in text 3A1-II is that reading is an important activity for those who

A) practice to become teachers.
B) participate in debates.
C) learn a foreign language.
D) listen to other people reading.
E) acquire vocabulary in their first languages.

CESPE 2021: In the very beginning of the second paragraph of text 3A1-II, “Apart from” can be correctly replaced with

A) In addition to.
B) Except for.
C) Different from.
D) Not considering.
E) Otherwise.

CESPE 2021: In the first sentence of the first paragraph of text 3A1-II, the word “as” conveys an idea of

A) comparison.
B) purpose.
C) cause.
D) exemplification.
E) simultaneity.

CESPE 2021: In the second paragraph of text 3A1-II, the word “scaffolding”

A) can be omitted without altering the meaning.
B) has denotative value.
C) means foundation.
D) is a synonym for obstacle.
E) functions as a verb.

Text 3A1-III

For Stephen Krashen, the disruption to traditional education during Covid-19 may reveal some unexpected benefits. How teachers and parents can harness the opportunity to teach language — including heritage languages — during remote learning?

Many parents and teachers are understandably anxious about remote learning, as instruction has become less traditional.

However, Krashen notes, “We do not acquire language by study, or by speaking or writing. We acquire in only one way: by understanding what we hear or read. What we call ‘comprehensible input.’ The ability to produce language is the result of getting the right kind of input.”

With less focus on traditional language education, i.e., practicing memorized rules and grammar through speaking until they become automatic, students are free to acquire language in a more effective way.

According to Stephen Krashen’s theory of language acquisition, comprehensible input is language that can be understood by listeners even if they don’t fully comprehend all of the vocabulary and grammar in use. Input is essential to acquisition, as it informs learners’ subconscious understanding of a language.

While online education may isolate students at home, it shouldn’t negatively impact language learning. “We don’t need massive amounts of interaction to acquire language. We need massive amounts of input,” says Krashen.
Internet: <> (adapted)

CESPE 2021: According to text 3A1-III, remote learning

A) is a traditional way of acquiring language.
B) encourages rules and grammar memorization.
C) impacts language acquisition in an unpredictable way.
D) can be an effective alternative to traditional education.
E) is essential to language acquisition.

CESPE 2021: According to text 3A1-III, language teachers

A) should be concerned about the lack of interaction in remote learning.

B) must work together with parents to prevent remote learning.

C) neglect students’ subconscious understanding when teaching second language.

D) should encourage students to read despite not fully comprehending the vocabulary.

E) ought to make sure that the students comprehend all the grammar when reading a text.

CESPE 2021: It can be concluded from text 3A1-III that ‘comprehensible input’ refers to

A) speaking and writing when studying.
B) comprehending vocabulary in use.
C) memorizing rules until they get automatic.
D) producing language when interacting with people.
E) understanding what one hears or reads.

Text 3A2-I

“Millions of children, every year, start school excited about what they will learn, but quickly become disillusioned when they get the idea they are not as ‘smart’ as others,” writes Jo Boaler. That’s because parents and teachers inadvertently give out the message that talent is inborn — you either have it or you don’t.

As a math professor, Boaler has seen this firsthand. Many young adults enter her class anxious about math, and their fear about learning impacts their ability to learn.

“The myth that our brains are fixed and that we simply don’t have the aptitude for certain topics is not only scientifically inaccurate; it is omnipresent and negatively impacts not only education, but many other events in our everyday lives,” she writes. Even though the science of neuroplasticity — how our brains change in response to learning — suggests learning can take place at any age, this news has not made it into classrooms, she argues.

Some of our misguided visions of talent have led to racist and sexist attitudes, she writes. For example, many girls get the message early on that math is for boys and that boys are better at it, interfering with their ability to succeed and leading to gender disparities in fields of study related to math. Similarly, people of color may also have to overcome stereotypes about fixed intelligence in order to thrive.
How understanding your brain can help you learn.
Internet: <> (adapted)

CESPE 2021: In text 3A2-I, “misguided visions of talent” (in the fourth paragraph) refers to the idea that

A) people’s skills are tied to their race and gender.
B) certain skills are innate.
C) teachers cannot identify students’ natural skills.
D) educators are not well trained in evaluating abilities.
E) students cannot see their own capacities.    

CESPE 2021: In the last paragraph of text 3A2-I, the verbs “to overcome” and “to thrive” are synonymous with, respectively,

A) to triumph over and to wilt.
B) to reduce and to win.
C) to conquer and to succeed.
D) to eliminate and to prevail.
E) to rise above and to prosper.

CESPE 2021: In the second sentence of the third paragraph of text 3A2-I, “Even though” can be correctly replaced with

A) Since.
B) Despite.
C) While.
D) Notwithstanding.
E) Nevertheless.

CESPE 2021: According to Jo Boaler, who is quoted in text 3A2-I, the modern understanding of the brain’s flexibility

A) shows why students are stressed.
B) is not reflected in teaching practices.
C) explains why some people do well in math.
D) is being tested by teachers in classrooms.
E) has been widely adopted in everyday activities.

CESPE 2021: The word ‘“inadvertently’” (in the second sentence of the first paragraph) conveys the idea that something is done

A) with care.
B) by accident.
C) without warning.
D) without need.
E) with intention.

CESPE 2021: The ending ‘-ate’ in ‘inaccurate’ (used in the third paragraph of text 3A2-I) has the same sound as the ending ‘-ate’ in

A) innate.
B) celebrate.
C) domesticate.
D) estate.
E) chocolate.

Text 3A2-II

It was Maria’s first day at school, her first week in the United States. Her middle school in San Francisco was the biggest building she’d ever seen. It was bigger than the entire Best Buy store she’d walked through in awe on her first day in the city.

Eventually, Maria found her way to class, a special setting for Spanish-speaking newcomers. There she would practice  English words for colors and numbers, learn how to introduce herself and how to say thank you. By eighth grade she was moved into mainstream classes, where she struggled. It didn’t help that her math teacher started each class by saying, “Okay, my little dummies.” He spoke really fast. Maria never raised her hand in his class.

One day Maria stopped by the administrative office, looking for someone to help her with multiplication. She took her spot in line behind a middle-aged woman who chatted with her in Spanish as they waited. Maria said school was really hard for her. The woman told her not to worry. “Latinas usually don’t finish high school,” she said. “They go to work or raise kids.”

The woman was right, statistically speaking, and Maria’s middle-school experience all but ensured she’d join the 52 percent of foreign-born Latinos who drop out of high school. She graduated from eighth grade without learning to speak English. She had a hard time writing in Spanish and didn’t know how to multiply.
Everything you’ve heard about failing schools is wrong.
Internet: <> (adapted)

CESPE 2021: The expression “in awe” (in the second sentence of the first paragraph) indicates a feeling that is a mixture of

A) hope and optimism.
B) confusion and sadness.
C) wonder and fear.
D) curiosity and happiness.
E) regret and disappointment.

CESPE 2021: In “There she would practice English words for colors and numbers” (in the second paragraph of text 3A2-II), the auxiliary verb “would” indicates

A) a future in the past.
B) a hypothetical situation.
C) a possibility.
D) a conditional.
E) an obligation.

CESPE 2021: The meaning of the word “struggle”, in the third sentence of the second paragraph of text 3A2-II, is close to the meaning conveyed by

A) fought.
B) stood down.
C) succeeded.
D) stumbled.
E) gave up.

CESPE 2021: In text 3A2-II, in “and Maria’s middle-school experience all but ensured she’d join the 52 percent of foreign-born Latinos who drop out of high school”, “drop out” is an example of

A) a gerund.
B) a phrasal verb.
C) a binomial pair.
D) a past participle.
E) an imperative.

CESPE 2021: In text 3A2-II, if the clause “She took her spot in line” had been used in the present continuous tense, “took” would have been replaced with

A) is taken.
B) takes.
C) has taken.
D) is taking.
E) has been taking.

Text 3A3-I

Internet: <>.

CESPE 2021: In the comic strip in text 3A3-I, the strategy suggested by the doctor with longer hair to make patients follow the treatment they need is

A) to tell patients how important it is to keep taking their medication.

B) to make patients believe it was their idea to take the medicine prescribed.

C) to make patients stop complaining about taking the medicine.

D) to raise awareness that hypertension is too serious to not take the medicine.

E) to suggest the best medicine to take in case of hypertension.

CESPE 2021: In the last box of text 3A3-I, the patient reacts to the doctor's words by

A) becoming proud the doctor agreed with him.
B) praising her ability as a doctor.
C) discrediting her as a doctor.
D) getting to the conclusion she was a real doctor.
E) becoming thrilled he had helped the doctor.

CESPE 2021: The sentence “They’ll be more compliant if they feel like it was their idea all along”, in text 3A3-I, is an example of a first conditional sentence. It could be correctly rewritten in the second conditional as

A) They’d be more compliant if they feel like it was their idea all along.

B) They’d be more compliant if they felt like it was their idea all along.

C) They’ll be more compliant if they felt like it was their idea all along.

D) They would be more compliant if they will feel like it was their idea all along.

E) They would be more compliant if they had felt like it was their idea all along.

Text 3A3-II

Why Joe Biden Saw Mixed Success With Latinos

Democrats' long-term hopes for electoral success have long cited the growing Latino population in the country. But former Vice President Joe Biden's performance in heavily Latino areas of key states has concerned members of his party — and may have cost him Electoral College votes, according to groups and activists working to mobilize Latino voters.

Nationally, Biden appears to have gotten support from roughly twice as many Latino voters as President Trump, but that support looked very different depending on where you looked in three key states with large Latino populations.

Democrats were pleased with their performance in Arizona, where The Associated Press awarded Biden the state's 11 electoral votes early Wednesday morning, while anxiety ran high about the results in Florida, where President Trump's strength with conservative Cuban American voters helped secure him that state's 29 electoral votes, according to AP. And while Texas was a long shot for Biden, Democrats had seen opportunity in the explosive growth in the state's Latino population.

During a post-election virtual press conference on Wednesday, leaders from groups aimed at mobilizing Latino voters expressed frustration that the votes of Latinos were not more aggressively pursued, even as they cheered record levels of turnout among Latinos in some key states.
Internet: <> (adapted)


CESPE 2021: It can be inferred from text 3A3-II that

A) conservative Cuban American voters tend to vote for President Trump.

B) there is over a dozen electoral colleges in the state of Arizona.

C) Florida voters were anxious to vote for Biden.

D) Latino voters are not considered aggressive people in some states of the US anymore.

E) Biden probably has more voters in Florida than Trump.

CESPE 2021: In English, a lot of nouns are formed by a verb and a suffix. One example of a noun derived from a verb is

A) member.
B) darker.
C) manner.
D) loser.
E) longer.

CESPE 2021: The excerpt "...leaders from groups aimed at mobilizing Latino voters..." has an example of a gerund. Gerunds can be used as the subject or object of a sentence. Another example of a gerund can be found in the sentence:

A) The candidate has amazing ideas on how to create his own electors' network.

B) The candidates are trying hard to get as many electors as possible.

C) The political party was worried about postponing the elections one more time.

D) Both candidates were arguing on TV last night.

E) After the elections, all his voters managed to make a good living

Text 3A03-III

The World’s Largest Tropical Wetland
Has Become an Inferno

This year, roughly a quarter of the vast Pantanal wetland in Brazil, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, has burned in wildfires worsened by climate change. What happens to a rich and unique biome when so much is destroyed?

The unprecedented fires in the wetland have attracted less attention than blazes in Australia, the Western United States and the Amazon, its celebrity sibling to the north. But while the Pantanal is not a global household name, tourists in the know flock there because it is home to exceptionally high concentrations of breathtaking wildlife: Jaguars, tapirs, endangered giant otters and bright blue hyacinth macaws. Like a vast tub, the wetland swells with water during the rainy season and empties out during the dry months. Fittingly, this rhythm has a name that evokes a beating heart: the flood pulse.

The wetland, which is larger than Greece and stretches over parts of Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, also offers unseen gifts to a vast swath of South America by regulating the water cycle upon which life depends. Its countless swamps, lagoons and tributaries purify water and help prevent floods and droughts. They also store untold amounts of carbon, helping to stabilize the climate.

For centuries, ranchers have used fire to clear fields and new land. But this year, drought worsened by climate change turned the wetlands into a tinderbox and the fires raged out of control.
Catrin Einhorn, Maria Magdalena Arréllaga, Blacki Migliozzi
and Scott Reinhard. Oct. 13, 2020.
Internet: <> (adapeted)


CESPE 2021: According to text 3A3-III,

A) the climate change is the only responsible factor for the wildfires in the Pantanal.

B) the Pantanal is larger than Greece, Paraguay and Bolivia altogether.

C) the Pantanal has had this kind of fires more often before.

D) the water cycle in the Pantanal depends on the life of many animals which live there.

E) nearly 25% of the Pantanal wetland has been burned down.

CESPE 2021: Without changing the meaning of text 3A3-III, the verb “swell”, in the sentence "Like a vast tub, the wetland swells with water during the rainy season and empties out during the dry months", could be replaced by

A) becomes wetter.
B) becomes flooded.
C) becomes drier.
D) sinks.
E) dives.

CESPE 2021: If written in the passive voice, the sentence “For centuries, ranchers have used fire to clear fields and new land”, in text 3A03-III, would be

A) For centuries, fire has been used by ranchers to clear fields and new land.

B) For centuries, fire is used by ranchers to clear fields and new land.

C) For centuries, fire had been used by ranchers to clear fields and new land.

D) For centuries, fire was used by ranchers to clear fields and new land.

E) For centuries, fire is being used by ranchers to clear fields and new land.



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INDAGAÇÃO: Prova de Concurso para Professor (Inglês) com Gabarito
Prova de Concurso para Professor (Inglês) com Gabarito
Prova de Concurso para Professor (Inglês) com Gabarito
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