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New survey reveals teens get their news from social media and YouTube

Common Sense Media
Monday, August 12, 2019

Teens today are not only getting the majority of
their news online, but they are turning away from
traditional media organizations to find out about
current events on social media sites and YouTube,
often from online influencers and celebrities.

The survey found that more than half of teens
(54%) get news at least a few times a week from social
media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and
Twitter and 50% get news from YouTube.

Teens’ news habits reflect the diversity of the
modern media landscape. And, while most news
organizations maintain accounts on social media and
other platforms, they are competing for attention with
corporate brands, celebrities, influencers, and personal

What’s noteworthy is that, even with so many
relying on alternative sources for the majority of their
news, teens are more confident in the news they get
directly from news organizations. Of teens who get
news of current events from news organizations, 65%
say it helps them better understand what is going on. In
contrast, just 53% of teens who get news from social
media say it helps them better understand what is going
on, while 19% say it has made them more confused
about current events.

“These findings raise concerns about what kind of
news the next generation is using to shape their
decisions”, said James Steyer, CEO of Common Sense.

“While it is notable that teens rely heavily on
platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to stay
informed, their reliance on news from celebrities and
influencers rather than journalists may have harmful
implications”, said Jon Cohen, chief research officer at
(Adapted from http:⁄⁄www.commonsensemedia.org⁄about-us⁄news⁄pressreleases⁄new-survey-reveals-teens-get-their-news-from-social-media-and-yo
utube. Access on 23 jun 2020)

UEM 2020: Mark the correct affirmative(s).

01) Teens only get their news from Youtube.

02) Half of teens get news from different social medias.

04) Teens aren´t so confident in the news they get from alternative sources.

08) James Steyer says the findings of the survey cause worries about what kind of news influence teens’ decisions.

16) 19% of teens say they rely on alternative sources and on media plataforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


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04-08 = 12



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