UEM 2020: De acordo com o texto, assinale o que for correto


What is TikTok? Why is it so popular?

When you open TikTok a lot of amateur videos
greet you. Most of the videos are teenagers lip-syncing
to music or sharing something about their day, their
romantic crush, or school life. For anyone over the age
of 20, this content has no relevance. Perhaps the
hardest part of understanding TikTok is the shortness
of the content.

TikTok primarily shows video content that is 15
seconds in length. While there is an option to share
videos up to one minute long, there is no longer-form
video, and no image or text sharing options. When a
new app emerges on the market and starts to grow in
popularity, it can be hard to understand why it’s

When it comes to TikTok, there is a vast market
of people looking for micro-entertainment and
distraction for a few minutes during the day. If a video
is interesting or appealing, it is reshared quickly by the
algorithm on the ‘For You’ page and gains millions of

Brands are using TikTok. With over 5.7 million
followers, the NBA shares highlights of games and
celebrity players. Fast food restaurants Chiptole have
been another early adopter on the platform. The
majority of their content celebrates the foods they
serve, but they also run popular competitions for
TikTok users to submit fun videos at the locations.

Media companies, such as the Whashington Post
and NBC, are using TikTok to give previews of their
content and to showcase their reporters’ personalities
through behind-the-scenes videos.
(Adapted from https://brandastic.com/blog/what-is-tiktok-and-why-is-itso-popular/#: ~:text=In%202014%2C%20social%20media13%2DD18 %20year%20old%20demographic.&text=Launched%20initially%20onl y%20in%20China,more%20than%20100%20million%20users. Access on 22 jun 2020)

UEM 2020: De acordo com o texto, assinale o que for correto.

01) Quando o TikTok é aberto, aparecem vários vídeos profissionais.

02) As pessoas procuram os vídeos no TikTok para curto entretenimento e distração no final do dia.

04) Uma das dificuldades para se entender o TikTok diz respeito ao pouco conteúdo apresentado.

08) Um vídeo no TikTok, para ser compartilhado, não pode ter a duração de mais de um minuto.

16) Os conteúdos dos vídeos não são relevantes para pessoas acima de 20 anos.


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