UEM 2020: 236 Mark the correct affirmative(s)


The 15 best young adult books you literally won’t be able to
put down this year

No matter how old you are, there’s no better way to
relax than with a glass of wine and a good young adult
(YA) novel. If you feel like you’ve had fun with every
YA title out there already, think again! Several
precious books are out this year for you to get
completely lost in. From novels that explore racism in
America, to modern romantic books, to life-or-death-
games, you literally won’t be able to stop reading

This is my America, by Kim Johnson
In this novel that explores racism in the American
justice system, seventeen-year-old Tracy’s dad is an
innocent black man on death row and her brother, a
promising athlete, are accused of killing a white girl.
She attempts to save both of them while their Texas
town’s racist history goes against her.

A song below water, by Bethany C. Morrow
Bethany C. Morrow’s story goes underwater about two
young black mermaids – one who is forced to hide her
singing powers and the other who fights literal demons
from her past. It mixtures fantasy with modern issues
relating to racism and sexism.

They wish they were us, by Jessica Goodman
What if you found out the person who you thought
killed your best friend didn’t actually do it? That’s
what Jill – who goes to an apparently perfect school on
Long Island – finds out in this thriller. She has to get to
the end of it, even if it means risking it all. Here the
glamour of Gossip Girl meets the murder mystery of
Pretty Little Liars with the friendship complications,
secrets, and lies of both.

You should see me in a crown, by Leah Johnson
When her financial help finishes, Liz has to find
another way to go to her dream school, play in its
orchestra, and become a doctor. Unfortunately, her
next best option is the school’s prom king and queen
scholarship. She fears the spotlight, but has to do what
is necessary. When she enters the competition, winning
the crown might become complicated because of the
new girl in school.
(Adapted from https://www.cosmopolitan.com/ entertainment/ books/
g31216333/ best-young-adult-books-2020/. Access on 23 jun 2020.)

UEM 2020: Mark the correct affirmative(s).

01) The word “better” (line 1) is an example of comparative.

02) The “’s” in “Tracy’s” (line 13) is the short form of the verb has.

04) The pronoun “who” (line 21) refers to the author, Bethany C. Morrow.

08) The words “means” (line 31), “meets” (line 32) and “secrets” (line 34) are all plural forms.

16) The verb “might” (line 43) indicates a possibility.


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01-16 = 17



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