The message conveyed by the text states that

The following text refers to questions 15 and 16.

Go Easy on Yourself
By Stuart Bradford

Do you treat yourself as well as you treat your friends and family?

That simple question is the basis for a new area of psychological research called self-compassion — how __( I )__ people view themselves. People who find it __( II )__ to be supportive and understanding to others often score __( III )__ low on self-compassion tests. They get __( IV )__ with themselves for perceived failures like being overweight or not exercising. ANXIOUS

The research suggests that accepting our imperfections may be the first step toward better health. People who score high on tests of selfcompassion have less depression and anxiety, and tend to be happier and more optimistic. Preliminary data suggest that self-compassion can even influence how much we eat and may help some people lose weight.

This idea does to contrast with the advice of many doctors and self-help books, which suggest that willpower and self-discipline are the keys to better health. But Kristin Neff, a pioneer in the field, says self-compassion is not to be confused with self-indulgence or lower standards.

“I found in my research that the biggest reason people aren’t more selfcompassionate is that they are afraid they’ll become self-indulgent,” said Dr. Neff, an associate professor of human development at the University of Texas at Austin. “They believe self-criticism is what keeps them in line. Most people have gotten it wrong because our culture says being hard on yourself is the way to be.”

The message conveyed by the text states that

a) anxiety and depression can be overcome by reading self-help books.

b) being hard on yourself is the way to be.

c) self-criticism is immediately linked with self-indulgence.

d) we’d better forgive and love ourselves even if we fail.

e) willpower is a psychological side of self-compassion if associated with selfcriticism and overcoming of personal failures .


d) we’d better forgive and love ourselves even if we fail.

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