In paragraph 3, the verbal phrase have been accused of (lines 14 and 15) is a passive construction

Read the text below and answer questions 13 to 16.

On Monday, Russia's foreign minister put a new spin on his country's reasoning for invading Ukraine by claiming the "special military action" is meant to put an end to the United States' quest for "world domination" and the expansion of NATO. Besides he accused the U.S. and other Western nations of violating international law and attempting to impose a global order.

Putin has also used Ukraine's pursuit of NATO membership as justification for invading the country, claiming that it posed a threat to Russian security. However, in response to the war, Zelensky said last month that Ukraine will no longer seek admission to the military alliance.

Russia's invasion has so far been met with fierce resistance by Ukrainian forces. However, Russian troops have been accused of committing grim war crimes by targeting and massacring civilian populations across the country.
(adapted from Russia Says Ukraine War Meant to End U.S. Quest for World 
Domination by Natalie Colarossi, in NEWSWEEK, November 4, 2022)

UNIRG 2022.2 - QUESTÃO 16
In paragraph 3, the verbal phrase have been accused of (lines 14 and 15) is a passive construction. All the following alternatives have a passive verb phrase, except

(A) many citizens have been killed.

(B) all of them will be prosecuted.

(C) most casualties were caused by explosive weapons.

(D) Russia has repeatedly attempted to justify its invasion of Ukraine.


(D) Russia has repeatedly attempted to justify its invasion of Ukraine.

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