Questões de Inglês da Unichristus 2020 com Gabarito

Questões de Inglês da Unichristus 2020 com Gabarito - Prova Unichristus 2020.1 (Medicina) com Gabarito Questões de: -  Liguagens - ...
Questões de Inglês da Unichristus 2020 com Gabarito

- Prova Unichristus 2020.1 (Medicina) com Gabarito

Questões de:
Ciências Humanas




It was in the mid-1990s that a worrying discovery was made about a stark difference in language achievement in children. Researchers Betty Hart and Tod Risley went into homes of families from different socioeconomic groups, spending an hour each month recording them over more than two years.

Analyzing the data, they found that children from the poorest backgrounds heard one-third as many words per hour as those from higher income backgrounds. Scaling up, they proposed that by the time the children were four years old, there would be a 30-million word gap between children from poor backgrounds compared to those in wealthier, professional households.
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(Unichristus 2020) Conversation runs out quickly when talking to a newborn. They don’t say anything back. They won’t groan when you tell them it’s going to rain, or smile when you tell them a joke. Nevertheless, a research points how important it is to talk to babies. Based on the text, choose the option that best summarizes it.

A) Two scientists did a large research about conversation with babies because they were worried about the amount of time parents spend with their children.

B) Data from a research showed that high income children have more conversations with their parents than lower income ones.

C) There is a 30-million word gap between rich and poor children, which is shown in school work and development between them.

D) A research was conducted to analyze language achievement in children, and it was discovered that high income children hear more words than lower income ones.

E) It’s hard to have conversations with babies, since they don’t talk back, but a research has proved how important it is that parents talk to their children.



They’re familiar with the tech industry. That’s why they’re worried about what the self-driving revolution will entail. Brenchley, who has worked for Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, and others who live among the world’s technology giants represent a surprising Silicon Valley paradox: Residents believe in the power of technology to change the world for the better, but they are skeptical of the role it might play in their daily lives. This is especially visible as driverless cars from numerous tech giants arrive en masse in the streets of Silicon Valley neighborhoods.
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(Unichristus 2020) Some residents say they’re confident the technology can work in limited settings, such as test tracks or simulations. But the software that controls the cars needs to be trained on real-life situations. Based on the text, choose the option that is incorrect.

A) Pessoas que moram no Vale do Silício não querem que os carros sem motoristas sejam testados em seus bairros.

B) Os habitantes do Vale do Silício acreditam que a tecnologia pode melhorar o mundo, mas não querem que ela seja testada onde eles moram.

C) Mesmo que os residentes do Vale do Silício saibam que a tecnologia dos carros sem motorista funcione na teoria, não querem que ela seja testada na prática.

D) As pessoas que habitam o Vale do Silício representam um paradoxo: acreditam em tecnologia, mas não a querem testada perto deles.

E) Residentes do Vale do Silício estão preocupados com a revolução que envolve os carros sem motoristas.



Alergias alimentares são comuns. Estima-se que essa condição afete entre 6% e 8% das crianças menores de 3 anos e até aproximadamente 3% dos adultos.

Diferentemente da intolerância alimentar, na qual alguns alimentos podem causar desconforto, a alergia alimentar é uma reação do sistema imunológico a certos tipos de alimentos que ocorrem logo após eles serem ingeridos.

Essa reação ocorre porque o sistema imunológico reconhece algumas das proteínas como prejudiciais e coloca em ação uma série de medidas (entre elas, a liberação de substâncias químicas como a histamina, que causa inflamação) para nos proteger.
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(Unichristus 2020) Os sintomas vão desde coceiras, inchaço, dor abdominal, congestão nasal, vômito e tontura e até, nos casos mais graves, anafilaxia – uma reação que pode ser fatal.

Baseando-se no texto, escolha a opção que melhor resume a ideia principal.

A) Food allergies are a reaction in the immune system as soon as the person ingests the food, and the body recognizes some of the proteins as endangement, starting a chain reaction to protect us.

B) Food allergies are common among children and adults. They are a result of inflammation in the immune system that can cause many symptoms like abdominal pain, vomit and dizziness.

C) Food allergies and food intolerance are very similar. They result from food that can cause a reaction in the immune system to certain types of food and can be dangerous and lead to death.

D) Between 6% to 8% of people around the world have food allergies, a reaction from the immune system that happens once the body recognizes the proteins as a danger and starts a chain reaction to protect us.

E) The symptoms of food allergies are itching, bloating, abdominal pain, nasal congestion, vomit and dizziness. Sometimes even anaphylaxis, which can lead to death. All of the start as soon as the person eat the allergic food.



I, proshpero, the cat wizard, can propel, us back through the centuries of time

(Unichristus 2020) There seems to be a problem in interpretation in the comic strip. Choose the answer that explains what happened.

A) The cat and the dog want to go back to different times in the past.

B) The dog doesn’t believe the cat can really take them to the past.

C) The dog doesn’t really want to go back to the past.

D) The cat is disappointed that the dog didn’t want to play.

E) The dog didn’t understand what the cat really wanted todo.





Coffee was once a little-known delicacy used to aid religious rituals. But once it had begun its global expansion, it became an unstoppable force. It’s a rich dark liquid that flows across the world and greases the wheels of our economies. It’s one of the most traded commodities.

And there are fears that, with a seemingly irrepressible demand, we may one day run dry. More than two billion ‘cups of joe’ are drunk every day, and for many, working life would feel impossible without it. As traditionally tea-drinking countries like China are seduced by coffee’s charms, it may soon become the world’s favorite drink.
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(Unichristus 2020) Coffee’s story starts in the lush highlands of Ethiopia, the natural homeland of the delicate Coffea arabica plant.

Although they are called ‘coffee beans’, the plant is not a legume, and the fruits of the coffee tree look more like cherries when they are first picked. Based on the text, choose the best summary.

A) Two billion of people drink coffee every day, and this high demand may result in coffee running out one day, even though is the most traded commodity.

B) Coffee was always used in religious rituals before it became worldwide known and the world’s favorite drink, after China surrendered to its charms.

C) One of the most traded commodities, and unstoppable force in our economies, coffee may one day be the world’s favorite drink.

D) Coffee started in Ethiopia and it may end because of our irresponsible high demand, even though it’s an unstoppable force in our economies.

E) Coffee’s global expansion started long ago, after Ethiopia stopped using it in religious rituals and started trading it as a commodity.



Pesquisas sugerem que o ritmo circadiano – ciclo fisiológico de aproximadamente 24 horas que regula a atividade das células e tecidos, com base na nossa exposição à luz e à escuridão – pode influenciar nossa recuperação física de infecções e lesões. De acordo com os cientistas, nas ‘horas ativas’ do sistema imunológico, os anticorpos apresentam uma resposta melhor às infecções.

Cientistas acreditam que uma compreensão melhor do ritmo circadiano pode permitir aos médicos administrar medicamentos e tratamentos nos pacientes nas horas do dia em que tendem a ser mais eficazes – e menos propensos a causar danos.

Descobertas como essa estão abrindo novas perspectivas para o tratamento de doenças. Queimaduras sofridas durante a noite, por exemplo, podem levar cerca de 11 dias a mais para cicatrizar do que as diurnas.

(Unichristus 2020) Baseando-se no texto, escolha a opção que melhor resume a ideia principal.

A) Research suggests that the circadian rhythm, a physiological cycle of about 24 hours, regulates the cells and tissues activities based on our exposition to sun light and darkness.

B) According to scientists, our physical recovery depends on the active hours of our immune system, so it means that during the other time of the day, we don’t recover from anything.

C) Scientists believe that a better comprehension of the circadian rhythm will allow doctors to decide on treatments and medication that are more efficient for each patient.

D) The circadian rhythm regulates the cells and tissues activities based on sun light and darkness, and it can influence our physical recovery from infections and injuries.

E) There is a good time and a bad time to become ill. People that get burned during night time take 11 days more to heal than people that got burned during day time.



NASA lost its ability to launch humans from US soil when the space shuttle retired. Now, companies and billionaire entrepreneurs are defining a new space age. Virgin Galactic plans to go public. The plan should allow Richard Branson’s company to operate until it starts generating revenue.

Gridlock in the sky wants to launch more rockets through an already congested airspace. The airline industry says that will lead to more flight delays. SpaceX failure dims NASA’s hopes. Many believe both SpaceX and Boeing may be forced to push their first flights with crews into next year, three years later than initially anticipated.
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(Unichristus 2020) As NASA prepares to launch humans from the US again, the nature of space flight and who does it is changing once more. Based on the text, choose the incorrect option.

A) A natureza dos voos espaciais está mudando mais uma vez, e a NASA está se preparando para lançar humanos no espaço mais uma vez.

B) Virgin Galactic é uma empresa que ainda não gera receita, por esse motivo, planeja se tornar pública para poder operar até mudar essa realidade.

C) Gridlock gostaria de lançar novos foguetes em um espaço já congestionado, mas a indústria aeronáutica acredita que isso causará mais atrasos em voos.

D) NASA não está mais lançando pessoas no espaço dos EUA, no momento, empresas e bilionários estão definindo uma nova era espacial.

E) As empresas SpaceX e Boeing podem ser forçadas a lançar voos tripulados no próximo ano, em vez de em três anos como planejado inicialmente.



The cat and the dog agreed to the winter being cold

(Unichristus 2020) The cat and the dog agreed to the winter being cold. Choose the option that explains why is that.

A) It’s snowing a lot, so it means it’s really cold.

B) They see a penguin walking by, so it must be really cold.

C) It’s probably not common to see penguins where they live.

D) They are both unprotected to the cold.

E) They are stepping on snow, and it’s snowing.




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INDAGAÇÃO: Questões de Inglês da Unichristus 2020 com Gabarito
Questões de Inglês da Unichristus 2020 com Gabarito
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